Housing for your employees

Let Home of Orange find the right home for your employee(s) in the Amsterdam area

When your company brings expats to the Netherlands in the Amsterdam region, it can be a challenge to find suitable accommodation for them. There is currently a great shortage of rental accommodations and you want to give your foreign employees and their possible family members a good start to their stay in the Netherlands. So that the employee can fully focus on his / her activities for your company. Without the stress of not being able to find the right home. We will save you a lot of time and energy, know exactly how we can quickly find the right rental property for your expat(s), guide them during the entire rental process and also protect them from unscrupulous landlords.

Home of Orange supports your company and / or your expats quickly and professionally in the search for the right rental property in the Amsterdam region, taking all the work off your hands. We have years of experience as a rental agent in the Amsterdam region and in finding the right home(s) for expats and other employees. We represent your interests and act on your behalf. In addition, we also arrange the TV / internet connection, gas / water / light and if necessary even furniture.

How does an assignment for housing accomodation for your employee(s) work?

  • an employee of Home of Orange maps the housing requirements and examines the feasibility;
  • if we indicate that the housing requirements are feasible, we start our services;
  • based on the housing requirements indicated by your company / employee, Home of Orange will start the search for suitable housing within its extensive network;
  • Home of Orange offers your company / employee at least 5 suitable homes, you decide which ones you want to visit;
  • Home of Orange plans visits in consultation with your company / employee; 
  • your company / employee visits, together with a rental agent from Home of Orange, the various rental properties. Viewings via Skype or Facetime are also possible if your employee is still abroad; 
  • Home of Orange negotiates on behalf of your company / employee in your interest with the landlord about the conditions, such as the rent, starting date, length of the rental period, rental price etc; 
  • Home of Orange makes every effort to let the landlord choose your company / employee when there are several candidates; 
  • when your company / employee may rent the house, Home of Orange will guide you throughout the rental process; 
  • Home of Orange ensures that a correct rental agreement is drawn up. You receive the agreement Well in time before the check-in, and we will discuss this together with you; 
  • Home of Orange collects from you, before the check-in date, the 1st month’s rent, the deposit and our fee and ensures that the rent and the deposit are transferred to the landlord in time; 
  • Home of Orange accompanies your company / employee during the check-in of the home and draws up, together with you, an extensive inspection report with photos; 
  • Home of Orange arranges the connection of G / W / L and internet / TV free of charge. 
  • We can also supplement the existing furniture or fully furnish an unfurnished house at extra costs.

Are you looking for suitable accommodation for 1 or more employees? Call or email us. We will be happy to discuss the options with you. For every successful search our success-fee is 1 month rent + 21% VAT. When you give us an order to find several properties for your employees, we use an interesting price scale.

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