Assignment to find housing accommodation

Do you find it difficult to find a suitable rental property yourself? Can you no longer see the forest for the trees? Or do nice rental houses always pass you by? Then let Home of Orange arrange everything for you. We take the search out of your hands and find the perfect home for you. We represent your interests, find at least 4 properties that meet your requirements, accompany you during the viewings and ensure that the rental agreement is correctly drawn up. So you do not have to worry about housing anymore.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will start searching for you. There are costs related to an assignment to find housing accomodation!

The procedure for an assignment to find housing accomodation

  • If we indicate that your housing requirements are feasible, we start our service. We then charge you a fee of € 250 incl. VAT, which we will of course settle with the final invoice;
  • Based on the mentioned requirements Home of Orange will start searching within its extensive network for suitable accommodations;
  • Home of Orange offers you minimal 4 suitable accommodations. You decide which accommodations you want to view;
  • Home of Orange plans viewings at a day and time that is convenient for you;
  • Together with a rental agent of Home of Orange you view various accommodations;
  • Home of Orange negotiates on behalf of you with the landlord about the conditions of the lease, the length of the rental period, the rental price etc.; 
  • Home of Orange does its utmost to ensure that the landlord chooses you when there are more candidates;
  • If you may rent the accommodation, Home of Orange will accompany you during the entire rental process; 
  • Home of Orange ensures that the rental agreement is correct. Of course you receive the agreement prior to check-in; 
  • Home of Orange collects from you before the check-in the payments of the 1 st month rent and the deposit, together with our fee, and makes sure that the rent and the deposit will be transferred to the landlord in time 
  • Home of Orange accompanies you during the check-in and draws up an extensive start inspection- report together with you, including pictures; 
  • If requested Home of Orange arranges the connection of G/W/L and internet & TV for you; 
  • Now you can start enjoying your new home!

Note: Only assignments with realistic housing requirements will be considered. An assignment for e.g. a house of at least 80 m2 in Amsterdam centre with 3 bedrooms for € 1000 rent is impossible and will not be handled by us. You will of course be notified of this.

Are you looking for suitable accommodation? Call or email us. We will be happy to discuss the options with you. For every successful search our success-fee is 1 month rent + 21% VAT.

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Housing needs

When Home of Orange has found the perfect property for you, you pay a one-time fee equal to one month's rent + 21% VAT before check-in. You only pay the fee when actually a rental agreement isestablished.