As of May 1, 2022, the point system will change. Will you still be able to rent in the free sector?

We have often paid attention to this; the announced change in the point system. Each time the date was pushed forward. But now it is definitive: per May 1, 2022, the WOZ value may only count for a maximum of 33% in determining the number of points. And that can have major consequences for the rent you can ask. Especially if you rent out a small house (ca. < 65 m2) and / or if you have a poor energy label.

Smoke detectors are mandatory in Dutch houses per July 1, 2022

As of July 1, 2022, smoke detectors are mandatory in every home in the Netherlands. This obligation already exists for some time for newly built houses, but the regulations will also apply to existing buildings.

Self-occupancy obligation in Amsterdam goes into effect on April 1, 2022

Previously we wrote that several municipalities, including Amsterdam, want to introduce a self-occupancy obligation. On February 16, the City Council of Amsterdam agreed to the introduction of a self-occupancy obligation for ALL homes with a WOZ value of up to € 512,000.00 as of April 1, 2022.

Rent increase 2022 for social sector housing

Per 1 juli 2022 mogen de huren voor sociale huurwoningen (2022: kale huurprijs < € 763,47) wettelijk worden verhoogd met maximaal 2,3%. Een uitzondering wordt gemaakt voor huurwoningen met een huurprijs < € 300,00. De huur van die woningen mag met € 25,00 worden verhoogd.

Amsterdam is going to take a tougher line on vacancy

Currently in Amsterdam it is a legal obligation to report properties that have been vacant for more than six months to the municipality of Amsterdam. This may concern properties that are waiting for a new tenant or properties that are to be renovated or sold.

Recent pseudo solutions by politicians to solve the housing crisis

In recent years, various measures have been taken by politicians in an attempt to solve the housing crisis and bring prices down. Measures that often only added oil to the fire instead of being (the beginning of) a solution. We mention just a few ‘solutions’ without being complete:

Cause of housing crisis according to Dutch municipalities? Not the investor, but the low transfer of senior citizens from large to small houses

Public broadcaster NOS conducted a study among a majority of Dutch municipalities into the cause of the current housing crisis. 
And what was the outcome? Where politicians almost only speak about ways to stop investors from buying houses to rent out, it appears that investors are not indicated by all those municipalities as a major cause of the current housing crisis in their town. 55% of the Dutch municipalities, large and small, indicated that the low flow of senior citizens from their often large home to a smaller one, is the main driver of the current housing crisis.

Are you renting out a property including gas, water and electricity? Inform your tenants about higher costs

It will not have escaped your notice. Gas prices have risen enormously worldwide. Electricity prices are also rising.
This can have consequences if you rent out a property for a rental price that includes the supply of gas and electricity.

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