Why rent out via Home of Orange?

Renting out your house(s)? Home of Orange arranges everything safe and quick for you!

When you rent out your home(s), you want to achieve the highest possible return with the least possible care. Obviously, the last things you need are vacancies or bad tenants. Tenancy law in the Netherlands is complicated and not always logical for landlords. Do you know, for example, what your rights and duties are as a landlord? Whether your home can be rented out in the free sector or belongs in the social sector? And which contract form is best in your situation?

The whole process around the rental is, therefore, best left to a specialized rental agent. Who takes all the work off your hands and knows all the ins and outs of the constantly changing rental market. Who stands up for your interests and ensures that everything is legally correct.

Home of Orange is that rental agent!

Large network in the expat market

Through our extensive (inter)national advertising network, we bring your home(s) to the attention of thousands of active home seekers, companies, relocators and fellow agents. We therefore quickly find the ideal tenant for you. And then we arrange everything for you; from viewings to screening the candidate, to drawing up a legally correct rental agreement and the start inspection. And, of course, at affordable rates! Would you prefer to carry out a number of activities yourself? That is also possible. Simply choose which activities you want to outsource to us and what you want to do yourself. Click here for our rental packages.

There are many rental agents. Why choose Home of Orange?

  • we specialize in rentals to expats;
  • clients reward us with 4,8 out max. 5 stars on Google;
  • most of our listings is rented out within 14 days;
  • we are 100% rental agent, we do not sell homes but are specialized in rentals and property management;
  • you receive substantiated rental advice, based on experience and current market conditions;
  • the chance of vacancy is therefore minimal, while your return is maximized;
  • our critical selection and thorough screening guarantee you a reliable tenant;
  • we completely unburden you and make a legally accurate rental agreement for you;
  • we are happy with you as our customer and therefore give you the best service and personal attention;
  • we are honest and transparent to both landlords and tenants;
  • we use affordable rates;
  • we have many years of experience and know the rental market in the Amsterdam region on our thumbs.

Curious what we can do for you? Fill in the application form. Then we will contact you soon. Here you can read how we work when renting out your property.

Would you like to call or email? Call us on +31 (0)20 – 26 11 975
or mail to hello@homeoforange.nl