Package 3
Financial and Technical Management

Financial and technical management of the rented accommodation

  • monthly collection of the rent from the tenant;
  • monthly transfer to the landlord of the rent;
  • submit and keep an administration;
  • in case of payment arrears, take measures to prevent collection cases;
  • treatment of complaints and reports of technical inadequacies;
  • to provide, on behalf of the landlord, maintenance and / or repair orders;
  • guiding and checking maintenance work;
  • pay for repair / maintenance invoices and settle with the landlord at the next rental payment; 
  • archiving of relevant documents regarding all activities mentioned; 
  • manage of the deposit during the rental period; 
  • implement the annual rent indexation; 
  • recover the keys and carry out the end inspection with an extensive report and photo reporting after termination of the tenant; 
  • off-set with tenant the paid deposit; 
  • restart the search process for a new tenant, if desired.

P.S. under the work is expressly not the regular checking and inspection of the living space during the rental period. In the light of article 11a of the Opium Act the lessor is responsible for this.

Rates financial and technical management *

Financial + technical management: 5% + 21% VAT of the monthly rent

* The costs for technical management may differ due to the condition of the property.

Overview of our packages

Do you want us to find the most suitable tenant for you and arrange everything for the rental? Then you opt for the package 1 - rental mediation. Do you want to have the financial and / or technical matters of your property managed with care and professionalism? Then opt for package 2 - financial management or for package 3 - full management if you want to be completely unburdened. Would you rather do a lot yourself? Then choose package 4 – do it yourself and compile your own rental package and decide which activities you want to do and what you want us to do.

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Package 1
Rental mediation

finding a tenant for your living space and establishing a rental agreement

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Package 2
Financial management

the financial management of the rented accommodation

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Package 3
Financial & Technical management

financial and technical management of the rented accommodation

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Package 4
Do it yourself

Do you want to rent out your property, but prefer to handle a lot of things around the renting process yourself?

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