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Choose the rental package that suits you or put together a package yourself

Every landlord has different wishes. That is why Home of Orange offers various rental packages, from single services to a very comprehensive service.

Straight to packages

You can outsource all work related to rental and management of your property to us. But you can also purchase individual services and put together your own package. In the current market you as a landlord have the advantage, because there is more demand in the cities for rental housing than supply. You could therefore decide to do the rental yourself. But how do you know what a market-based rent is? We always give free rental advice. But you cannot advertise on the most important website for rental properties that all potential tenants, and in particular expats, look for: Making it impossible for most potential tenants to see your home. Of course you can advertise yourself on e.g. Marktplaats or Facebook. A lot of people will respond to your advertisement there. But do not be surprised if after many visits and dozens of commitments you still do not have a concrete tenant after a few weeks.

 Suppose you have found a tenant. Can you draw up a rental agreement that is legally correct? Are you aware of the ever-changing rules on the rental market, where especially the tenant has rights? And where high fines are also lurking if you do not keep to the rules.

Renting out seems easy, but secretly there is still a lot involved. And tenancy laws are complicated. So let yourself be assisted by a good rental agent! Or outsource some activities and do other things yourself. You can, for example, choose to let us advertise, screen and draw up a rental agreement. You then supply the photos and ad text yourself, you schedule appointments yourself and you view with candidates, you do the negotiations yourself, the start inspection etc.

Overview of our packages

Do you want us to find the most suitable tenant for you and arrange everything for the rental? Then you opt for the package 1 - rental mediation. Do you want to have the financial and / or technical matters of your property managed with care and professionalism? Then opt for package 2 - financial management or for package 3 - full management if you want to be completely unburdened. Would you rather do a lot yourself? Then choose package 4 – do it yourself and compile your own rental package and decide which activities you want to do and what you want us to do.

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Package 1
Rental mediation

finding a tenant for your living space and establishing a rental agreement

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Package 2
Financial management

the financial management of the rented accommodation

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Package 3
Financial & Technical management

financial and technical management of the rented accommodation

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Package 4
Do it yourself

Do you want to rent out your property, but prefer to handle a lot of things around the renting process yourself?

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