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Home of Orange

If you instruct us to arrange the entire rental process for us, we will take over all the work concerning the rental mediation. After the key transfer, you maintain the contacts with the tenant yourself. You can also choose to let Home or Orange manage your home(s). We then take over most of the work after the mediation, such as collecting the rent, the annual rent increase, complaint handling, repairs and minor maintenance.

But more and more homeowners choose to rent out their home to Home of Orange. We then become your tenant and pay you a decent monthly rent. You then have no risk of vacancy, you do not have to pay a fee when a tenant change takes place and you do not have to settle your rent or complaints. So you are completely unburdened!

How does renting your house to Home of Orange work?

  • You offer your house to Home of Orange;
  • We will visit you on the spot to view the property;
  • We determine whether the house is easily lettable, has sufficient points to rent in the free sector and what the state of the house is;
  • If we want to rent the house from you we offer you a decent rental price, where you also will receive an annual rent increase of 2%;
  • If you agree with our offer, we make a mutual rental agreement for at least 3 years, starting from the moment we have found the 1st tenant;
  • If necessary, we will furnish the house and make some improvements; 
  • We pay you the rent neatly every 1st day of the new month; 
  • We are your tenant, so you have no risk of vacancy. That risk is for us; 
  • We are your tenant, so with every tenant mutation we arrange a new tenant, but you do not need to pay us any fee for that;
  • We conduct the financial and technical management of the property. So you never have to go after the rent, solve complaints or make repairs. For repairs that are for your account, e.g. a broken central heating boiler, we always contact you first before ordering a handyman to start the job. After your approval of the repair we instruct a handyman, pay his invoice and settle it with you with the next rent payment; 
  • We rent out your home only for long term to screened and reliable tenants and guaranteed not to tourists via platforms like Airbnb; 
  • During our mutual agreement we ensure that your property remains in good condition.

Do you want to rent out your home(s) to Home of Orange and receive a long-term guaranteed rental income without any hassle? Enter your details below. Then we will contact you within 1 working day.

Do you want to rent out your home(s) to Home of Orange?

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