Procedure to rent out a house

Letting and managing your property? Let a professional do that for you!

Do you want to rent out your house or apartment? Then, of course, you want to achieve the highest possible return. But without worries such as vacancy, legal problems or bad tenants.

The whole process of letting and managing is, therefore, best left to professionals. Who arrange everything for you and who know all the ins and outs of the constantly changing rental market. Who stand up for your interests and ensure that your return is as high as possible. And that everything is legally correct!

Home of Orange specializes in renting out to mainly expats and through our years of experience we ensure that you have a reliable tenant quickly. Of course, at the highest possible rent and at an affordable rate.

Therefore, do just like many other satisfied landlords; let Home of Orange arrange the rental and / or management of your property for you. Customers appreciate us on Google on average with 4.8 out of 5 stars and we are very proud of that!

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The 6 steps of the rental process

When you decide to rent out your property for the first time, or you have previously rented out but you are looking for another rental agent, you will first want to know what you’re getting. After all, there are many rental agencies, but who is the best and with whom do you feel confident? In general, our first contact will be via telephone. Or perhaps we are recommended to you by a friend. Many of our landlords come to us via mouth-to-mouth advertising. During the telephone conversation, you can freely ask any questions you have. We will advise you, explain how we work and what the rental possibilities are of your home.

If you decide to rent out the property through us, we will make an appointment with you for the recording of the house. One of our experienced rental agents will come to you and will, together with you outline the wishes and possibilities. Do you want to rent for an indefinite period of time, or would you prefer to start renting for example for 1 year? Or are you going to travel, and do you want to rent out your home during your absence? The reason for letting is important for the type of rental agreement. After all, you want everything to be right and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises.

Do you want to rent out the property furnished, or do you prefer unfurnished? Do you allow a tenant to have a pet? And so on. You are the owner of the house, so you decide.

During this meeting, we will also provide you with comprehensive information about tenancy laws and regulations and will also issue substantiated rental advice based on our experience and the current market conditions. Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to ask them during the conversation!

During this appointment we also take beautiful pictures and note the characteristics of the house. With this we will draw up an appealing advertisement in Dutch and English with an extensive photo report.

Our network is very extensive, and we also have an active strategy to generate tenants. This strategy consists of 3 pillars:

1. We obviously advertise your home on our own website and link to a large number of websites specifically for searchers of rental properties, including the most important website for home seekers; If desired, we can also advertise your property on at additional costs.  With this strategy, we reach thousands of active home seekers!
2. We have an extensive list of house hunters who have registered with us. When your house matches their wishes, they are automatically informed.
3. We offer your property to fellow rental agents, relocators and companies that bring expats to the Amsterdam region.

This active market operation has been amply proven over the years. When your house has the right price-quality ratio, we always manage to find a reliable tenant for you quickly. That is our promise to you! And, of course, we will always do our utmost to generate the highest possible rental price for you.

When a candidate wants to view the house, we will first check whether he / she meets your requirements and fits the house. We will of course only visit with candidates who meet the profile. If you want to, you may be present at the viewings. But of course, you do not have to. One of our rental agents makes an appointment for a viewing and will receive the candidates, show them around and answer questions. We never give a key of the house to a candidate, as some agents do. We are always present at the viewing! Of course, we keep you regularly informed of the progress.

If one or more candidates indicate that they want to rent the house during or after the viewing, we will ask for income details and a copy of the ID. These data are all checked in various systems. We also verify the candidates with their employer. So you can be sure that the candidate has sufficient income, no wrong intentions and is reliable in terms of payment behaviour. Are there several candidates who want to rent and that meet your requirements? Then we will nominate the candidates that we deem suitable and express our preference based on the documents, but also based on the behaviour and appearance of the candidate. However, you decide who may rent the house! Do you want to speak to the candidate yourself before you decide? Then we arrange that.

After you have agreed with the proposed candidate, we will prepare the rental agreement based on your situation. This draft rental agreement is first sent to you for approval before the tenant receives the agreement. As soon as both parties agree, we request you to sign the rental agreement digitally. The tenant also receives, together with the rental agreement, the payment overview for the first month's rent and the deposit. We collect this amount so that we are certain that the first obligations are met when the keys are transferred.

The transfer of the keys takes place after all documents have been signed and the first month's rent and the deposit have been transferred to us by the tenant. During the start inspection, we use an inspection app describe in detail the state of the house and make an extensive photo report. Both the landlord and the tenant sign this inspection report on the spot and receive a copy of this in their email. As soon as the key transfer has taken place, the rent and the deposit, reduced by the commission due, will be transferred to your bank account.
If we have succeeded to find you a good and reliable tenant, we charge you an agencyfee of 8% + 21% VAT of the yearly rent. For temporary rentals we charge the agencyfee proportionally, with a minimum of € 950,00 excl. VAT.

Our work is done now! You have a reliable tenant and from the next month the tenant must transfer the rent directly to your bank account. Do you have questions during the rental period? You can always come to us for advice.

Would you prefer that we also unburden you after the rental mediation? Then also take financial and / or technical management with us.

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