Outsource the management of your property

Do you have an ideal tenant who solves small repairs himself and always pays the rent on time? Then you can of course manage the property yourself. You then collect the monthly rent yourself, take care of the annual rent increase and the tenant approaches you in case of complaints or repairs.

A good manager takes care of and gives peace

Do you live remotely and do not want to burden friends or family? Or do you have little time, do not feel like doing something or do you just want to be taken care of? Then we will gladly take care of the financial and / or technical management of the house. We ensure that you do not have to worry about your property and just have to enjoy the monthly income. In addition, it can provide tax benefits if you outsource the rental and management of your property to a professional party.

Financial management

If you outsource the financial management to us, you do not have to worry about the monthly rent payments. We collect the rent from the tenant and ensure that you receive the rent through us at the beginning of the new month. Does the tenant not pay, too late or too little? Then we will take measures to prevent collection cases. Due to our proactive approach and our thorough screening of tenants, it is fortunately only rarely necessary. We also arrange the annual rent increase, we keep an administration and manage the deposit during the rental period.

Technical management

Many things can break in a home. Hopefully you will receive a nice rent for your home. But the tenant of course desires living pleasure in return. You will understand that a broken heating system needs to be repaired quickly in the winter. But what if the tenant calls you at all times with all kinds of complaints? Or the tenant calls a handyman himself during the weekend (at weekend rate) and deducts the bill from the rent? Or do you live far away or are not handy yourself?

If we carry out the technical management for you, then you do not have to look after anything. We are the point of contact for your tenants and will always check first whether we can solve the complaint yourself, free of charge. Or perhaps the tenant is responsible for the repair himself. Should a repair be carried out? We have fixed agreements with professionals, so you are assured of the highest quality and you never pay more than necessary.

Does the tenant leave at the end of the rental period? Then we carry out the end inspection for you. If the house is delivered again as the tenant received it at the start, we will pay the managed deposit back to the tenant within the set period. Is there something wrong with the house? Then the amount of damage must be determined. We take care of this for you and then settle this amount with the deposit paid.

Rates property management *

Financial or technical management: 3% + 21% VAT of the monthly rent
Financial + technical management: 5% + 21% VAT of the monthly rent

* The costs for technical management may differ due to the condition of the property.

Rent out again

Do you want to rent the house again after your tenant has left? Then, as soon as the tenant gives notice, we will start again with advertising and immediately start the search for a new tenant. So that the chance of vacancy is minimal and that a new tenant is available to move in immediately after departure of the previous tenant.

Your investment in box 1 or box 3?

There is another important tax reason to choose to outsource both rental and management to a professional party. Naturally, you want the revenue of rental to be taxed in box 3, which results in a much lower tax burden. Certainly a landlord, who owns several properties, will have to limit his own involvement and activities as much as possible for that reason. If you can prove that you outsource this work, the tax authorities will probably accept box 3. However, if the Tax Authorities believe that you are actively renting and managing the property yourself, the investment may shift from box 3 to box 1. Certainly if you have (relatively) little or no income from work. And that can be a real damper for your return.

Private capital is taxed in box 3 (the capital yield tax). But if you actively contribute to the income from the real estate (active asset management), it is taxed in box 1. The rental income from an investment in real estate is in principle untaxed. But if you actively contribute to the income from the property, the rental income is added to your other income in box 1, such as your salary.

Suppose you sell a property with a profit of € 100,000 and it falls in box 1. You pay that on the book profit income tax. If the property is in box 3, the book profit is untaxed! There is an advantage to box 1; you may deduct costs. That is not allowed in box 3.

We advise you to ask for advice concerning tax at all times to your tax advisor.






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