Extra Services

Extra Services

Home of Orange can completely unburden you with renting and managing your home(s). Not only can we take the entire rental process and management off your hands. We also gladly help you with the following services:

Free services
Connecting gas, water and electricity
Connecting TV / internet

Paid services
Energy Label / Energy Index (EI)
Furnishing a property for expat-rental, long-term or temporary
Rental damage insurance

Our advice to landlords of independent living spaces is to have the connection of the utilities put on the name of the tenant. This means that the tenant himself is responsible for the payment of the monthly advances to the energy supplier. In that case, you do not have to collect an advance payment from the tenant yourself and then prepare a final bill each year.

Home of Orange has access to a platform where we can choose daily from the sharpest rates at the best providers. Especially expats often forget to arrange the G / W / L connection themselves and also have little insight into the possibilities in the Netherlands. We arrange the transfer of the connection free of costs and quickly for them. When we deliver the property to the new tenant, we a.o. take the start meter readings. If the energy bills are still in your name, then for you as the landlord the tenant’s start meter readings are your end meter readings with which you can unsubscribe from your supplier. We then connect the tenant. Even if you are not a customer of Home of Orange, we can arrange this for you free of charge. 

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Our advice to landlords of independent living spaces is generally to put the connection of TV and / or Internet in the name of the tenant. This means that the tenant himself is responsible for paying the monthly subscription costs. So, you do not have to collect the costs from the tenant yourself. In addition, the tenant can decide for himself which subscription he / she wants to conclude.

In some cases, it may be advisable to let the TV and / or Internet connection run for a month after the start of the rental so that the tenant can watch TV and make use of the Internet. Connecting a new customer can, depending on the chosen provider, take a maximum of a few days to a few weeks. You then charge the tenant the first month of the subscription and per the following month, you will cancel the subscription yourself. Home of Orange identifies the wishes of the tenant and then, quickly and free of charge connects the tenant with the chosen provider and the chosen subscription. For this, we have access to a platform where we can choose daily from the sharpest rates among the best providers. Even if you are not a customer of Home of Orange, we can arrange this for you free of charge. .

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When renting out a living space it is mandatory to present a definitive energy label to a new tenant. This allows a tenant to see how energy-efficient a house is and which energy-saving measures are possible. The label classes for homes run from A to G. Houses with an A-label are the most energy- efficient, houses with a G-label are the least energy-efficient. The label also provides an overview of housing characteristics, such as the type of housing, insulation, glazing and heating.

If a landlord cannot present a definitive energy label at the start of the lease, he / she will risk a fine of € 435.00. For companies the fine is even € 870,00!
Moreover, if you rent a separate room in your home, a student room, or a national / municipal / provicial monument an energy label is not mandatory.

Until 29 March 2018, there were 2 different measuring methods; the Energy Label and Energy Index (EI). This caused confusion. Since 29 March 2018, the Energy Index (EI) has been linked to the Energy Label for this reason.

Energy performance and rental points

Among other things, the Energy Index figure is part of the calculation with which, in case of social housing, the rent based on the Housing Valuation System can be determined. The energy efficiency of a rental property, together with the dimensions and the cadastral value (in Dutch: WOZ), mainly determine the number of points your home receives according to the points system of the Housing Valuation System (in Dutch: woningwaarderingsstelsel = WWS). Does your house only have a few points less than required to rent in the free sector, but would you like to do so? In that case, you might be able to obtain sufficient points with an improved Energy Label. Because energy-efficient homes yield more points!

Do you already have a definitive Energy Label?

Whether there is a definitive Energy label of the house, you can check via Zoek je energielabel. The Energy Label is valid for a maximum of 10 years after the date of issue. Have you made your home, with an already registered Energy Label, more energy-efficient? Then you can clarify the improvement with a new energy label. However, this is not mandatory for the rental of your home, provided the old label is still valid. If your home does not have a definitive Energy label yet, then your home has a provisional Energy label. The provisional Energy label is an estimate based on the data registered with the Land Registry, such as the year of construction and the type of housing. As soon as you rent out your house or apartment, you must apply for a definitive energy label.
In fact, since 2022, it is forbidden to advertise a rental property WITHOUT Energy label.

Request an Energy Label

Until 2020, you could online easily apply for an Energy Label yourself. Based on a maximum of 10 questions, you could adjust the home data and possibly provide digital proof, such as an invoice for an HR boiler. A recognized expert then checked your data remotely. The price was ca. € 10. After registration you automatically received the final energy label.
This is no longer possible since 2021, because you are now required to engage an expert. This makes it much more expensive.

We can arrange an Energylabel for you at € 269 incl. VAT (2022, house < 140 m2).

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Renting out a property to expats is attractive. Expats are, in general, highly educated foreign employees who come to live and work in the Netherlands temporarily. They are brought to the Netherlands by their employer because of their specific knowledge or experience, that is insufficiently available among Dutch employees.

Expats come and go. On average, an expat remains in the Netherlands for 1 to 3 years. They often rent out their own home in the country of origin for the period that they stay abroad. Although there are also expats, often families, whose furniture is shipped by the employer overseas, most expats want to rent a furnished home

But what if you offer the home without furniture or just with the basic stuff? Do you have to let the expat, who wants to rent your home furnished, pass you by? No that is not necessary! You can of course furnish the house yourself. But that costs a lot of money and a lot of time, especially in case of a larger home. And do you know which interior will appeal to the average expat?

Home of Orange can help you with complete or partial home furnishings for rental periods from 1 month to an indefinite time. And, of course, it always concerns high-quality furniture. In the short term we can realize this for you as desired. We make sure that you do not have to look after anything. You indicate which atmosphere you want, and we ensure that the complete house is delivered fully or partially furnished. An interior can be rented for every budget.

Is the furniture of the expat still in the container on a ship to the Netherlands, but does it take a few weeks before the container arrives? Then you can have a tasteful interior of your choice placed via Home of Orange for a number of weeks. Here you can choose from various styles, from classic to modern. The furniture is delivered and placed and, once your own furniture has arrived, picked up again. This gives the expat the opportunity to move directly into a fully furnished house and not have to camp in a hotel for several weeks while waiting for their own furniture.

Would you like to rent out your home to an expat for example for 1 year? Then you simply rent furniture during the rental period. Of course, the rent is cheaper as the rental period is longer. The level of furniture can vary from an addition to existing furniture to a complete interior, to kitchen appliances and bed linen.

Are you interested in having Home of Orange furnish your house fully or partially for renting to expats?

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The building insurance normally does not provide cover if the house is rented out. But you do run the risk of damage to the home and contents. Recently we can offer landlords an insurance that covers damage during the rental up to € 50,000. You can rent out carelessly for a small amount per month!

In short:

  • insured amount € 50,000,-
  • cover for damage to the home and consequential damage to household effects and associated legal costs (comparable to a home insurance);
  • own risk € 1500,-
  • exceptions are houses that are listed on the National Monument List;
  • monthly premium € 15,- incl. insurance tax;
  • one-time processing costs insurance € 35,- and inspection costs of the file for registration with the insurer € 35,- per file policy.
  • the file must be assessed in advance before the insurer insures the rental agreement.

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