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What does Home of Orange do?

The team of Home of Orange rents out and manages properties for landlords and finds rental properties for tenants. We are not a real estate agent that adds rental properties to her sales portfolio. We are specialized in renting out and managing properties, especially in the expat market. We are a full-service rental agent with many years of experience in the Amsterdam region. And therefore we have extensive knowledge of the regional rental market and a large network. For us, it’s all about service and personal attention. Because that gives us satisfied customers. And that makes us happy! Whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Or just ask us to deliver a one-time service. We always take that extra step. As long as you are satisfied.

Curious what customers think of us? Read our reviews. Customers rate us on Google with 4.8 out of 5 stars. And we are quite proud of that. Because of our personal way of working, our customers actually feel more like family. And that's how we treat them.

How do we do that?

We do not only offer the best service at affordable rates. We also do that with a smile and always in the interest of our customer. Whatever your wishes are; rent a house, rent out your house(s) or hand over the management of your house(s), we will arrange it for you!


And we do this in a personal, professional, transparent and above all, service-oriented way where customer satisfaction is leading. At Home of Orange, we therefore do not conclude complicated agreements with our customers, but readable and clear texts about what we can expect from each other. Just clear and transparent. And when you are not fully satisfied? Then we will solve it.

Who are our customers?

Our customers vary from large investors for whom we rent out and / or manage their residential portfolio to homeowners who want to rent out their property once because they will be travelling for a couple of months.  We do not care about big or small, as long as our customers are satisfied and happy.

Sounds good right? Do you also need help with renting, letting and / or managing 1 or more homes in the greater Amsterdam area? Even if, for example, you only want us to draw up a rental agreement or a candidate tenant needs to be screened, we will be happy to help you!

Who are we?
Home of Orange consists of a small and dedicated team;

Corina Eckhardt

'After several years of wandering in sales and marketing positions as an employee, I started my own marketing company in 2009. It was high time to be my own boss. For some years, I have advised various large and small companies and supervised their marketing,- and communications projects. A fantastic time in which I learned a lot and got the chance to see many different companies from the inside.

But I wanted to build a company myself, preferably from the ground up. Because of my fascination with real estate, I started in 2013 as a rental agent. First under the flag of a nationwide rental agent and later independently under the name Home of Orange. In this company I can combine all my passions; entrepreneurship, my love for real estate, my service orientation and dealing with people from all over the world. Not one day is the same; I meet people of all kinds and enter in the most diverse properties, from small studios to villas that are worth millions.

I take care of the marketing, the acquisition and the website, but also the first time meeting with new customers. I give advice to new landlords and make a catchy text for the advertisement in Dutch and English, so that the house can be presented as well as possible to potential tenants. Once Martine has found a good tenant and the house has been delivered to the tenant, I ensure that the financial settlement with the landlord is arranged properly.
Every day I strive for satisfied customers. Because that makes me happy!

And the name Home of Orange? Orange is of course the national colour of the Netherlands and we are active in real estate. In addition, my birthday is on the same day as King Willem Alexander. He has his 'House of Orange', I now have my 'Home of Orange'.

Martine Jonker
Rental agent

'My career is all about people and service. During and after my high school years I worked in the hospitality industry; you cannot find a better course in people's knowledge. But in the end it was time for a more serious career and I had various positions with, among others, media company ‘Veronica’, investor in housing ‘Vesteda’ and the creative company ‘MagicMinds’. At Vesteda I was the manager of several large residential complexes in Amsterdam for many years and that is where my love for real estate, and especially for the tenants who live in it, arose. My job was to let them experience carefree living pleasure and to ensure that the residential complexes were and remained in good condition. But it started to itch and I left for Brazil. First for 1 year, but that eventually became 5 years. A fantastic time that not only gave me a lot of life experience and new insights, but also taught me the Portuguese language. Besides of course my knowledge of English and a little bit of German, French and Spanish. Very useful in my work as a rental agent at Home of Orange since the majority of our tenants are expats and more and more Portuguese speaking expats come to Amsterdam.

Corina ensures that we have properties to rent out, I am responsible for quickly finding and placing good tenants. Naturally, we take as much work as we can from both the landlord and the tenant; we literally arrange everything! Besides that, if a landlord ask us to manages his/her home(s), I also ensure that complaints are resolved quickly. I'm pretty handy, so first I check if I can solve it myself. If I cannot solve the issue then we will call in a skilled handyman. So the landlord does not have to worry about this and the tenant can quickly live carefree again.

Linda Cats

'In high school I only wanted one thing: to help people with an intellectual disability. After I had completed the Z-nurse training, things turned out completely differently; I started to work at a bank. Completely different, but also very nice. Moreover, that was the time when banks were very service minded and really there for the people. I worked there in various departments. After that I started working in the purchasing department at Vroom en Dreesman warehouse. And then I ended up in real estate in 2014. Here I felt I was in the right place! I started to work with Corina and Martine, at the time still part of a national franchise organization. Unfortunately, that was in the middle of the financial crisis and on top of that, new legislation for the rental market caused such a big blow to the turnover that my contract was not renewed. After that I led an backoffice in the cosmetics industry. But the real estate continued to attract me and eventually I started working at MVGM in 2016, a national property manager, as a rental specialist. In the meantime, I kept in touch with Corina and Martine, who kept on asking me every time when I would return. And now I am finally back. Only now under the banner of Home of Orange, that has grown significantly in the meantime.
I am responsible for the back office. I make sure that e-mails and phone calls are answered, but also that the entire rental process goes smoothly. As soon as Martine has rented out a house, I start working; screening the candidate, contact with the tenant and the landlord, make the payment overview and rental agreements etc. So that the landlord quickly has a good and reliable tenant and the tenant a nice home. Letting is subjected to many legal rules, but for our tenants and landlords I try to make it understandable and guide them smoothly through the entire rental process.'

How can we help you?

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